Bye Bye Birkin?

birkin bag

Looks like there’s new drama surrounding the iconic Hermès Birkin bag. Remember in 2012 when Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca and her photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields set fire to a $100,000 crocodile Birkin bag and then took a chainsaw to it all for the sake of a photo (more here)? Well, now allegations have been made by Peta which exposed the alleged cruel practices performed on crocodiles prior to slaughtering them at the Texas farm where Hermès gets its crocodile skins for its bags. This has led to Jane Birkin, whom the bag was named after, asking Hermès to disassociate her name from the luxury bag until better practices are performed (aka no more croc bags). Currently, Hermès is undergoing an investigation. I wonder what will happen to the sale of Hermès bags if the name Birkin is no longer associated with it. She represents the bag and I cannot imagine it having another name. What is your opinion on this topic? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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Weekend Getaway





Hi guys! Last weekend (yes, I know, a bit delayed) I was fortunate enough to take a trip to East Hampton, where I stayed at the charming Hedges Inn for the weekend. Though it was a short trip I got my sun fix. After a day of kayaking, despite applying sunscreen with an SPF 100 (no fucking joke), I came home looking like a deep fried lobster. As you can imagine, my dermatologist mother was not pleased. Lesson learned: Reapply sunscreen every two hours. I highly recommend kayaking as long as you take care of your skin and hydrate while you’re in the sun. It’s a great arm, upper body and ab workout and you don’t feel like you’re doing much work while burning all the calories. After kayaking I headed to the popular Clam Bar. I ate spicy crab and sweet corn chowder as an appetizer and steamers as an entree, both of which were some of the best and freshest seafood I’ve ever had. Highly recommend this spot! Now, about the shopping the other highlight of my weekend… If you’ve ever been to East Hampton you know that the shopping is to die for, but the prices are so high that most everything is unattainable if you are living on a budget. I had to drag myself away from a stunning pair of Balmain jeans, as the $1,655 was extremely out of range for me. I did, however, find reasonably priced silver-reflective sunglasses at Milly as you can see in one of the photos above. You can find the sunglasses online here. All in all, a fab weekend… and a happy Monday to all of you lovely people!

Mustard Mood



Hi guys! I’ve missed you all dearly. After a long hiatus, I’m finally back in the blogosphere. I tried the whole “Instagram-only” blog thing but let’s be real, I missed writing. There’s just not as much excitement in simply uploading photos everyday. I’ve come to the realization over my hiatus that bloggers adding five photos of every outfit can be a bit excessive (unless there’s a whole lot going on in their outfit), so I’m going to try something different and just add as many photos as I deem necessary. If you don’t like this and want more please let me know! But enough about the past, let’s delve into this outfit. I’ll be honest, in the beginning of the summer I swore to myself that I’d never wear the color mustard even though I saw it trending. Well I must apologize to myself for breaking this pinky promise because here I am, mustardy and all. Maybe it’s the crop top, mixed with a deep V neckline and crossover bodice? Or maybe it’s how mustard looks paired with navy leather? I’m really not too sure but I like it and that’s what matters. Anywho, I got this entire outfit from the consignment store 2ndTimeAround in Chelsea, Manhattan. They offer up to 70% off of retail and on top of that were offering 20% off already reduced prices in honor of July Fourth, so I couldn’t really pass any of these pieces up.

Get the look:


Gold Delicacies






Lately I’ve become a jewelry addict. No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. Thanks to ArtefactoBoston, I had the perfect delicate gold necklace to go with my outfit. This piece put my outfit together perfectly.

Find your perfect necklace here: Hera Double Halfmoon Gold Pendant

Top: Zara

Jacket: H&M Khaki Green Fitted Jacket

Jeans: BDG

Sneakers: Rag & Bone

Mardi Gras Outfit Day 2



The countdown to Mardi Gras continues in this Free People Free Falling Tee in “driftwood” and these Nautical Teal 7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans. This is the perfect outfit for Mardi Gras for someone who prefers a casual outfit that’s not too over-the-top. Stop by Gae-Tana’s on Maple Street to grab this outfit before it’s gone!

Mardi Gras 2015





Carnival season is here and I can almost smell the delectable festival-themed King Cakes wafting out from the bakeries. Mardi Gras is the most anticipated time of the year in New Orleans, and for all the right reasons. It’s a time to watch fun and interactive parades, dress in the most crazy outfits you own, and party for a week straight. In case you aren’t in NOLA to celebrate, I’ll be sure to give you some serious FOMO with my Mardi Gras posts. On Thursday, the Mardi Gras madness begins with the parade, “Krewe of Muses”, which taps into the local culture and art of New Orleans. If you are here to celebrate, you may be wondering what to wear. I’ve partnered up with Gae-Tana’s on Maple street to give you five affordable outfit ideas so that you can be the best-dressed at the parades. Stay posted throughout the week to see them all!

Tibetan Beads:$18-64

Seared S’mores


I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the holidays! I decided to treat myself in honor of the holiday season with this mouth-watering seared s’mores hot chocolate. The recipe is easy to follow even for those who have never set foot in a kitchen. It only takes about 10 minutes, unless you’re like me and need to perfect your masterpiece, then it may take you 40 minutes. Xx

Slouchy & Grouchy






Here’s a look I wore while studying for finals. It was comfy as a cloud to sit slumped over in all day, yet chic at the same time. No need to sacrifice your style when your studying! Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been swamped with work! xx

Total Lazy Day Beanie

Night Flight Boucle Coat

Liza Necklace


Matte Crocodile Slip On Sneaker

1940s Couture







When I found this jacket, I felt like I was time traveling straight to the late 1940s, a time where women embraced their femininity. After World War II had ended, war-time fashion was replaced with new styles that emphasized femininity. Rounded shoulders and defined waistlines became popular. This lengthy sweater gave a slimming definition to my waist, which any woman can appreciate. I topped this vintage-looking piece off with modern accessories to bring together styles from two different time periods: the 1940s and 2014.

Jacket: Local boutique find
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic B-15
Earrings: Forever 21
Boots: Frye


Faux Fur






New York, I’m back and I’ve missed you dearly. I spent this Saturday shopping and eating in the city, while bundled in my fluffy gray faux fur coat. My favorite part about coming home for Thanksgiving break is going into NYC to see the extravagant department store Christmas displays. Bergorf Goodman has the most beautiful Christmas displays every year and certainly didn’t disappoint this year. It was love at first sight when my eyes spotted the embellished, fur Fendi bag and the spiked Louboutin heels in the display window. For dinner I visited the steakhouse Costata on Spring Street. It was my first time there but definitely won’t be my last. I recommend the Ferratini pasta dish (almost ordered a second it was so good) and the Tomahawk ribeye (wish I could afford to order a second).

Hat-Forever 21

Coat-Forever 21

Leggings-Ella Moss

Bag-3.1 Philip Lim

Boots-Jeffrey Campbell